Hermann Kemper Turbo Centrifugal Air Blower

For centrifugal air blowers, a permanent magnet motor (PMM), active magnetic bearings (AMB) and a variable speed drive (VSD) can match the energy efficiency and reliability. Hermann Kemper offers this advanced combination of components and technologies as a complete package solution.

Key system components

Permanent magnet motor
• Low energy use and cooling require-ments
• High-speed capabilities in a compact design
• 10%+ more energy efficient than conventional motors at full load and part load
• Direct drive configuration eliminates gearbox and oil
• Optimized shaft geometry accommodates large impellers with robust rotor dynamics

Active magnetic bearings

• Accommodate instant and frequent start-ups and transient surge forces
• Active control system provides vibration-free performance
• Capable of speeds in excess of 60 000 rpm
• Levitate rotating components for friction free and lubricant free performance
• Unitized radial and axial bearing modules enable compact packaging and robust performance

Magnetic bearing controller

• Tracks and registers rotor position up to 16 000 times per second
• Controls rotor position to within a micron-sized orbit
• Continuously corrects rotor position by adjusting the power supplied to each electromagnet
• Instrumentation for integration into the blower control system

Variable speed drive

• Continuously adjusts to process changes for high energy efficiency
• Validated for perfect alignment with PMM and AMB
• Available from a range of industrial drive manufacturers