Turbo Blower

HERMANN KEMPER Magnetic Turbo Blowers lead the turbo blower technology and play a significant role in energy saving in waste water plants.

Energy consumption has always been a major operation cost in waste water plants, turbo Blowers save a lot of energy over traditional roots type blowers due to several factors. The most efficient turbo blowers use permanent magnet rotor and magnetic levitation bearing designs. These are powered by a Variable Frequency Drive that saves more money and provide a wide operating range of speeds for process optimization. Together, they are saving the operator 35 to 40 % over traditional roots type blowers.

Turbo blowers take up less space than traditional roots type blowers and require less maintenance. In addition, they operate oil-free allowing the process to operate free of exposure to that kind of contamination.

Magnetic bearings are less susceptible to dirt and contamination than either fluid film or air foil bearings, making them a perfect solution for this industry. In addition, magnetic bearings provide feedback for your process by monitoring bearing performance and transmitted forces.