Hermann Kemper aeration blower

Hermann Kemper aeration blower, also called turbo blower, equipped with Hermann Kemper high speed permanent magnet motor solutions,  can reduce energy use by 10 to 40% and eliminate the need for oil lubrication.

In traditional biological wastewater treatment plants, aeration blower systems represent 40 to 80% of a facility's total energy use. Used to blow air into tanks so that bacteria can break down organic waste, a typical mid-size aeration system operates with two to five air blowers.

Reducing the energy requirements of those blowers will help plants cut their energy expenses and CO2 emissions. Hermann Kemper turbo blower is helping waste water treatment plant adopt a new generation of aeration blower systems to do exactly that.

These Hermann Kemper solutions feature a high-speed permanent magnet motor, active magnetic bearings with an integrated control system, and a variable speed drive. By allowing the rotating components to levitate, the magnetic bearings enable a friction-free system that requires no lubrication and reduces energy use by 10 to 40% compared to traditional lobe type blowers.