HERMANN KEMPER Roots Blower is a positive displacement, constant volume machine which operates against varying pressure. The two impellers which are mounted on parallel shafts, rotate in opposite direction and with every movement of the impeller across the blower inlet, a definite volume of air is trapped and carried across the casing to the blower outlet where this air is discharged. With a constant speed operation, the displaced volume is essentially the same at a constant pressure, temperature or barometric pressure. Increasing the speed of the Blower against a constant pressure increases the volume of air delivery. The timing gear fitted in a Blower control the relative position of the impellers to one another and maintain small but definite clearances. This allows operation without the need for lubrication inside the air casing.

Roots blower are widely used in waste water treatment, air transfer, aquatic farming, power plant, petroleum, steel, metallurgy, foods, oxygen-making, textile, paper-making, dust-removal, back blowing and other sections and industries. They are suitable for transferring clean air.