Hermann Kemper Turbo Blower

Aeration blowers are installed at sewage treatment plants to supply air to biological reaction tanks, where organic matter contained in waste water is decomposed. Aeration blowers are one of the key facilities in sewage treatment, and they come in various types, including turbo blowers and positive displacement blowers. The existing types of blowers are all mature machinery: no major changes to their basic structure had been made until the Hermann Kemper Turbo introduced a technological innovation.

The reasons for the high evaluation include its compact size, energy efficiency, and excellent maintainability requiring almost no maintenance. The high-speed motor featuring magnetic bearings is fitted with an impeller and driven by an inverter. Unlike conventional roots type blowers, the Hermann Kemper Turbo does not require a lubricant and other auxiliary facilities due to the lack of mechanical contact. It is a compact pack-age, including even the overall control system, and it is optimized as a total system. One sewage treatment plant has estimated that the Hermann Kemper Turbo reduced its annual power consumption by approximately 40% compared to its previous blower, which had the same capacity. With the Hermann Kemper Turbo, it is also possible to install the blower and control equipment separately, offering greater flexibility in installation.

The air volume that a blower is required to provide varies with the season, weather, day of the week, and time of day. To allow for this variation, sewage treatment plants have a number of blowers, including spare units, and they operate different numbers of blowers and adjust the air flow according to the required air volume. The Hermann Kemper Turbo, which is compact, energy efficient, and easy to maintain, is attracting increasing attention and reputation precisely for this reason.

Although blowers are not high-profile equipment, they bring major benefits by being environmentally friendly and helping make our lives safer and more comfortable.